Mia the Model

Two days of puppies on the blog! Woohoo =)  I’m taking a photography course & Mia was the most willing model I could easily find for my assignment.

Our lesson on composition included an exercise with checking out different perspectives and moving around our subject.  She was eating her treat too fast, so I made her put it down for a few seconds.

Zoe still has to wear her cone & quickly devoured her treat while Mia takes a bit longer to chew.  Some of her mid-bite faces cracked me up.

This is probably my favorite photo I took of the whole session- up close, details of her paws & face, the contours of her body in the background.

 All in all, she did great modeling & I had fun laying on the floor and getting some up-close shots.  Expect to see more modeling from Ms. Mia in the next few weeks as I have assignments and lessons each week.

After our official session, she assumed her favorite place sitting watch at the backdoor.

She will sit there SO intently, just waiting for the door to open so she can be free. I was about 5″ from her face & this is completely uncropped, but I love all the details on her face & the catchlights in her eyes.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I needed today & thankfully I got it!

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  1. Great shots. My favorites are the ones at the end, of Mia looking out the back door. Looking forward to seeing your future assignments!

  2. Your dogs are adorable!
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  3. Love these!

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