Week in the Life 2015 – Monday

I’m going to do 1 post per day of “Week in the Life” & then a post with all my pages that I created for each day. Just as some background, the goal of the WITL project is to document the normal, ordinary things of daily life.  Those that you encounter day in & day out, but often are flashy or fun enough to include in the highlights reel of the blog or albums or other photos.  I’ll share more about it on my wrap-up post, but the above scene is pretty much an almost daily occurrence on our house on weekdays- smoothies thawing out, water bottle waiting for my caffeinated crystal light, thyroid meds, & stuff for smoothies (Emergen-C packs & bananas).

Afternoon naps are pretty regular around here, but it’s not too often that she’s still asleep when I go into wake her up. She loves sleeping with her blanket these days & the seahorse & several Wubbies are always nearby.

I actually cooked dinner this evening, but I had to feed Ellie before H got home & so we at at the real table & enjoyed our new dishes & place mats.

At the end of one week or the beginning of the next, I try to gather up all my photos & make sure I put them on my computer to start working on them. This usually entails photos from my big camera, the small P&S camera, the water/pool camera, and those on my phone. My work spot on the kitchen is at the counter next to EJ’s seat

I was extremely wiped out this day- some nights I’m just not sleeping well at all.  So, I put baby girl down for a nap & grabbed a quick one myself- something I haven’t done in ages, but it was sure nice to crawl in my bed & rest for a bit.  I paid for it that night though by not being able to fall asleep.

I took a similar photos 2 years ago for WITL & we’re still using our treadmill.  I miss my running buddy & all the great trails in my old neighborhood, but my running days are quickly coming to an end. I did more walking on this particular day, but I was able to get myself out of bed & watch half of an episode of Pretty Little Liars at 6AM. For the record, I was about 33.5 weeks above & using the belly band to help support the weight of the baby.

All my lists- I don’t go anywhere with out them.  My regular TO DO list is full of stuff I’m trying to knock out before Baby #2 arrives & then of course a grocery list since I was planning on going shopping on Tuesday.

Depending on what time I pick up the child, she may miss afternoon snack so I try to get her something before nap time. She loves yogurt & it’s quick+easy, but we do make quite a mess.

Luckily H was home early enough this evening to spend some time with her before bed.  This is our pretty typical scene- her sitting in her chair with a bib & her tray, my water bottles all over the kitchen, more of her food hidden just out of view on the counter below/in front of her, and baby monitor charging before we put her to bed.

The gang got in a little play time in after dinner & before bed- she loves her silicon necklace and carries it around with her.

All of Ellie’s toys litter the living room, but we love having her in there & just playing- even if her favorite thing is to climb in & out of her chair.  She also gets really happy when you start singing a song she recognizes.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Super Saturday at home – getting lots of chores knocked out while enjoying with incredible weather with all the doors open.

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