Week 25 – June 22

So thankful I got my happy, smiling baby back this week! She had a tough weekend (got super sick on Daddy while I was out of town) & she was generally not sleeping well at school, so she was very fussy by the evenings.

I actually didn’t have do “4” blocks, so I had to do some photoshop magic on this weeks photos & had to try hard from keeping Eliana from knocking the blocks over when she’d get excited with her hands.

 We started out the week with a family visit to the midwives for the big 20 week ultrasounds where the check the anatomy of the baby.  Given the insanity of the past few weeks, the half-way point of this pregnancy & really snuck up on me. Baby is happy & healthy, and it’s time for me to get serious about starting to plan for this one & I think picking out a name is next up on our list.

 A new favorite photo of Eliana & Mia.  I imagine once Ellie is mobile & moving around, she’ll spend quite a bit of time chasing Mia around & they will be playing together even more.

 Early in the week, a work trip took me out to Philly. I was only on the ground for <20 hours, but I managed to meet up with Stephanie for a hot, humid run on Tuesday morning before getting my work in & heading back home before the storms hit town.

 Mom had family in town at the end of the week- they were all headed to the Garth Brooks concert on Friday & it was great seeing them.

I actually headed back to Philadelphia (racking up the frequent flyer miles!) on Friday morning to have a girls weekend with Stephanie & celebrate her upcoming wedding next month.  We started out doing some sightseeing around town & grabbed a great sidewalk lunch.

That evening, we got all dolled up, hit up a bar before dinner & then indulged in an amazing dinner at Buddakhan, where her brother is a pastry chef.  They went over & above- we had 4 appetiziers & 4 main courses plus a sparkler topped dessert!

  It was great to meet some of her friends from high school & show them around town, all while chatting girl stuff, life, wedding, men, babies, and marriage the whole weekend.

 We were just blown away by how they kept bringing out more delicious dishes complements of the kitchen- we felt so special & spoiled!

Saturday we went for a little run in the drizzling rain & spent the afternoon getting pampered with a facial & massage, between breaks for cheese & champagne!  It was a great weekend & was so happy to celebrate Stephanie & looking really forward to her wedding in Mexico next month!

 We had some family in town to go to the Garth concert with Mom & everybody gathered on Sunday evening for family dinner at El Tiempo since I didn’t get to visit with them much because I was gone for the weekend.  Eliana LOVES tortillas- usually tears them apart & then shoves them into her mouth.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: So excited about this long weekend- time with my loves, hanging out with family, swimming with friends, some new house stuff shopping, packing, and lots of relaxing.

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