Matt’s Birthday

Last Saturday morning we got together to celebrate Matt’s birthday.

 We went to Top Golf, a very popular quasi driving range / golf game that apparently everybody else had been to but me.

 I was more interested in eating lunch & catching up with friends during the first round/game, but I decided to give it a whirl near the end.

It was really difficult to take photos with it being backlit, but it was nonetheless a gorgeous day to be swinging a club.

I took a very lousy college course (so about 17 years ago!) on golf & have only been to the driving range with H a few times since we’ve been married- none in the last few years.  However, I did pretty darn good & even impressed myself.

All the girls got to catch up & chat about babies, work, houses, and summer plans.

 Afterwards, we had to go pick up babies but we were enjoying the day so much that we all met up again for some Tex-Mex.  The babies seemed to have a great time playing with each other & we made quite a huge mess at the poor restaurant- babies grabbing & throwing everything in reach.

It was a ton of fun & this picture of Eliana giving Austin the hand cracked me up.

It’s so neat to see how different Austin & Eliana are even though they are only about 4 weeks apart in age.  They both do different things already & keep all the parents busy!  Mark was so stinking happy to hold a baby & loves Eliana, although it took her a while to warm up to him.

It was a great birthday & I hope Matt enjoyed it.  It was really nice to hang out with our friends for some adult time & also to bring the babies out while the smaller group caught up.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Great day of fishing, a decent day of catching, and a fabulous time out on the water with my love.

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