Around San Pedro- Ambergris Caye

 We don’t often travel back to places we’ve visited before, but we did discover some joy in re-tracing our foot-steps from 2011 and remembering all the fun times we’d had in Ambergris on our last anniversary trip.

The airport is tiny even though there’s probably a flight in and out about every 20 minutes. There is a small inside area, a large outdoor patio, and free Wi-fi which was great while waiting.

Most of the activity in San Pedro extends about 2 miles north and south of the city.  Heading south, the road is an older cobblestone, but north of the city is a brand new road.  We talked to quite a few locals about the impact of finishing this roadway & the tollbridge.  As you’d expect, there was much controversy since this road goes to all the resorts & the roads where many people live are so poor that that are almost impassable if it rains.

About 200 yards from the hotel was a place to rent bicycles, so we checked a pair out for the week to do some exploring.  You can either ride on the road, which is often almost deserted, or along a lovely path along the waterfront.   The road was the way to go if you were in a hurry or still wanted some early morning shade, but the beach route was more scenic & adventurous- snaking along a narrow trail with obstacles.

We rode into town on Wednesday morning in search of some ocean-side breakfast. The town square and park were still pretty empty.

 The middle of town can get pretty busy with lots of golf carts, a few cars, and numerous pedestrtians all mingling in some semi-organized chaos.  One morning, we watched all the kids as they were headed into school.

 On Wednesday, we rode our bikes all the way down to Victoria House, mostly along the beach.  It’s a very well-traveled path as that is how many locals walk or bike to work.  However, there were a few places we had to be extra careful or get off to walk our bikes. Just north of town, it’s flat, wide, and shady- perfect for checking out all the hotels & restaurants in this area.

 One day, while we were in town picking up some cigars, we caught the tail end of a political rally. There were signs all over the island about the upcoming election & we enjoying talking to people about the candidates and what the important issues were (road/tollbridge, corruption, expansion and over-crowding).

 There are numerous restaurants all up & down the waterfront in and near downtown.  There were all good, but none of them great. We just enjoyed the variety and being able to walk/bike to breakfast or dinner.

 The heart of the city really is the waterfront area & the marina.  Many people use water taxis to traverse around the island instead of a regular taxi & all the water excursions and dive trips leave from this area.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Baby girl survived her 6 month shots & the crazy long wait at the doctor’s office today.

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