Eliana Week 10

 Week 10 was the same week we participated in Week in the Life 2014, so many of these pictures may look familiar.  It was the last week of October, including Halloween, and when Ellie turned 10 weeks old (on Thursday).  She started day care this week & we adjusted to new routines of us both getting ready for work & getting her changed/fed/packed and off to daycare.  We love her class so far & H made me go check on her at lunch on her first day.

 Our front living room & lounge area are generally baby-disaster zones- cluttered with all her gear & equipment, but we generally use almost all over it everyday!  She still loves sitting in her red chair & really started taking an interest in (eating) her hands this week.

 She’s finally outgrown sleeping sideways in her Pack ‘n’ Play, so we bought a drawer unit from the Container Store to put all her diapers in so that she can sleep long ways in her PnP. As we started sleeping her on her tummy, we got rid of the swaddle in favor of cute PJ’s & moved her into her crib at night. She likes to watch her mobile sometimes after the wakes up or while she’s waiting for her bath.

 On Tuesday, she had her 2 month check up (a week late) & got her first real set of vaccines.  She cried, but it wasn’t too bad & we didn’t notice any other side effects.  The first few days at daycare, she had a tough time napping (all the noises plus she had to sleep on her back unswaddled), so she was one tired girl when she got home & was ready for a nap next to me on the couch. She’s taken a scary interest in the TV and screens- loving to watch the colors.

 This was also the week we started going her bed time routine.  Every 2 or 3 days she will get a bath, but we always try to do book & prayers after her last bottle.

 H was away fishing on Thursday & Friday in the freakishly early cold weather.  They caught some big fish & he snagged a nice flounder.

 More of the everyday life- washing bottles together, assembling her new diaper drawer, going for an afternoon run, and folding cloth diapers.

 She spent an afternoon with my mom who picked her up from daycare & we ate tuna casserole together one night while I was wearing her. My office on a typical day- it appears to be total chaos, but it’s how I work best.  Our bags packed in the car every morning- my briefcase, her diaper bag, and my pump bag are quite an armfull once you add in a baby & sometimes a dog!

 I took a few more pictures of her in her crib this week- she was still scootting around quite a bit & getting sideways.  We bought an old used iPod that plays white noises all night long- she’s currently been listening to the amazon jungle after several weeks of waves crashing.  I couldn’t resist all the cute Halloween clothing!

 She’s also really started liking her swing again.  There was about a month there that she didn’t want anything to do with it, but now she loves it again.  It’s right beside a window & I couldn’t help but take a whole bunch of pictures of her- including one of my new all-time favorites on the right.

 We had quite the cold snap & I bought her these little fleece booties to keep her feet warmer than socks.  She was such a happy, smiley baby in her swing.

 Her eyes are as big & blue as ever, and I love her little expression in the photo on the right.

 She was an itty-bitty owl for her 1st Halloween.  We put on her costume & visited with all the grandmas.

 We walked around the neighborhood a bit- visiting a lady I run with & walking to Dad’s house that night.

 We ended up over at my mom’s where Elida joined us & we finished off her first big holiday.

 It’s getting harder to take her weekly photos on Thursday & I think these were a day late.  This is the best I got…she was pretty fussy about the rest.

 Sometimes the out takes are as good as the keepers- I love all her unhappy & grumpy expressions too.

 I can’t really do her pictures by myself, so I usually have to get mom or H to keep her from falling over or knocking the blocks over while I fire off dozens of shots hoping to get a few keepers. We enjoyed the first cold front of the season by doing lots of cuddling, snuggling, and playing by the fire.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Worked a long day yesterday, so I took off most of today!  I love my flexible job :) 

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