Eliana Week 7

I really should give up on trying to count her weeks & correspond that to a calendar or her age….I’m lost!   These were all generally taken the first full week of October- right before and after she turned 7 weeks old. I love this silly little expression of hers above- she was just starting to play more with her tongue.

 We made our first big adventure out in real public when we went to the Wine & Art Festival in Spring on Sunday.  We convinced my parents to come along & we all had a great time together & it was nice having an extra pair of hands.

The festival itself was really disappointing- not much art & really awful wines.  My standards are generally pretty low & I was so happy to be “off duty” and able to drink for the afternoon, but I still threw out several glasses & there were a ton of fruit-wines offered (YUCK!).

 Overall, we had a great time tough & Eliana did really good most of the time- just sleeping or happily chilling in her car seat.

 It was my first week back at work, but I was so thankful to have mom stay with her at our house.  She did some tummy time & enjoyed staring at her monkey.

Approaching Halloween, I picked up a few adorable holiday related outfits & baby girl was back to enjoying her RnP again for naps.

 She was still sleeping swaddled in a blanket for naps & in a swaddle-sleeper at night.  It was great to calm her down if she got too fussy & crazy.

Several of my friends said their kids really enjoyed this infant activity gym with a piano, so I couldn’t resist buying her one too.  She loves to kick in general, but still hasn’t figure out it’s her feet making the noise, but she does enjoy staring at herself in the mirror above her.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We survived another night alone with just the girls- even managed a bath & her first bedtime story before going to sleep at 8:30!

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