DC Cherry Blossom Festival

 Saturday morning, we met up with our friends Seth & Emily bright and early to check out the Cherry Blossoms around the tidal basin and grab a seat for the big parade. It was another gorgeous day in DC & the crowds were out in full force enjoying the beautiful weather & hundreds of pretty tress lining DC.

 We walked around a bit, but most of the booths & other festival related activities weren’t open yet, so we took some photos & found a spot to enjoy the parade.

I haven’t been to a real parade in a few years & forgot how entertaining they can be- this one was especially full of interesting characters & silly stuff- like the giant pink drum master (??) that opened up the event.

We saw politicians, professional athletes, bands from around the country, military units, hot-rods & classic cars, several cultures and countries represented, and even some beauty queens.  We didn’t stay for the whole parade because had lunch plans with friends in Georgetown, but it was still neat to see all the hoopla.

Saturday afternoon, after a much needed nap, we wandered out to the Japanese Street Festival just outside our hotel.  It was near the end & many vendors were packing up, but we could get a taste of all the foods, culture, and entertainment.

From performers to anime characters in the crowd, there were all sorts of things to see, including the adorable kids all dressed up & doing a cultural dance, some Japanese drummers, and a DJ spinning tunes.

A few more random shots of Cherry Blossoms- w e are so glad we finally made it out to DC for this very special spring time festivities.  It was the perfect time to visit the Capitol all decked out in beautiful flowers & the crowd so obviously enjoying their first taste of spring weather. 

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: A beautiful, cool day to work in California & we even caught an early flight home.

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