Review: Pleasure Pier Galveston

 The Historic Pleasure Pier down on Galveston has been opened for a few years & seemed like a fun thing for a little date night, especially on a cool, non-crowded weekend in late November.   The old Flagship hotel stood in this location for decades & I’d always thought it was so neat growing up – “A hotel out over the water!”  It was pretty run down by the time I was ever old enough to stay there & it sustained too much damage in Hurricane Ike to be worth repairing.  I was glad to see the Landry’s group revive the historic pier (although it’s all new) & create another fun tourist attraction in Galveston.

 I was amazed at all the packed onto this pier- everything you’d need for a min-amusement park, tons of food, lots of games, and several really awesome rides.

 The beautiful & ornate carousel was just inside the entrance.  You can either pay about $10 to just walk onto and around the pier or purchase a pass that will let you ride all the rides for the day.

 They offered adult bumper cars & also these little kiddy sized ones.

 It was great being outside & surrounded by the water, I loved the view through the open windows.

 Every square inch of the pier was used to pack in as much fun as possible in the tiny area. There were quite a few rides & I convinced hubby to ride a few with me.

 We skipped the water boat ride since we didn’t want to get wet, but we managed to walk absentmindedly past the drench zone on our way out & still managed to get splashed a little.

These were the two rides that interested me- I had to drag H onto the high swing since he has a fear of heights, but it was awesome being up so high above everything else & felt like you were flying because of how fast we were swinging.

 He much more enjoyed our slow paced ride on the ferris wheel, where we could enjoy great views of the whole seawall & take photos.

 We had a great view towards Murdochs, a famous gift shop & store, and our hotel- the Galvez.

 Enjoying the ride & date day with my wonderful husband.

 We were waiting for the little roller coaster to open again after maitenance & we played a few of the cheesy games.  For the record, we each won one round of Whack-a-mole and apparently paid $12 for that stuffed safari giraffe.

The roller coaster they have is pretty tiny & super short, but it was an awesome ride & I was very impressed. Hubby was less than impressed with the Hurricane experience….the wind just messed up his hair!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Eliana is going to see Santa today & get her first official photo.

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