Flashback: University of Houston Graduation

More old photos worth sharing- these are a few from an album that H had from his graduation from the University of Houston in December 2006, just a few months before we met.




 These aren’t the best scans, but I’m still thankful to have these 10+ year old photos of him and his family.

He was (one of the first??) in his family to graduate high school & his mom was so proud of him for graduating college.

 If I recall correctly, he majored in political science with a minor in Mexican literature.  It took him longer than the usual 4 years since he was working full time & going to classes in the mornings & evenings.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: It’s officially August- let the baby watch begin!

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Mia Vizsla

Mia’s Sunning Spot

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Jacksons Baby Shower

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John Legend Concert Houston Woodlands July 2014 - 1

John Legend Concert

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4th of July in Boca Raton FL - 1

4th of July in Boca Raton

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