Meeting More Family

 We’ve had lots of company over the past few week s to meet and visit with Ms. Eliana. Mom’s cousin Shirley couldn’t wait to come over & hold the first baby in the family in many years.

 Her daughter Karen was also there & happy to meet little Miss E.

 Eliana loves being help upright- either on your knee or over your shoulder and she likes looking out the windows too.

She was 1 week old in these photos & was already doing a great job of holding up her head.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Loving the cooler weather & hope that it sticks around for a lovely fall.

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Eliana 2nd Week - 1

Eliana’s Second Week

Thankfully Eliana's second week at home started out with a holiday, so it was a short week.  My highlight was taking this family walk on Saturday morning, before hubby cooked me a big old breakfast.  She actually really enjoys walking most of the time, but wasn't happy about the sun in her face when … [Read More...]


Eliana’s First Pool Party

All of our friends were eager to see Eliana again after she was born & we some how thought it was a good idea to host another pool party with a 9 day old baby!  Luckily, we have awesome friends & my parents are amazing about letting us crash their house and getting everything ready. As … [Read More...]

Eliana Newborn Photo 2

Eliana’s Newborn Photos

  We took Eliana's newborn photos at 10 days & used the incredible Erin Beckwith again. I was so excited to have some lifestyle family photos taken in her nursery & I just love the way they turned out.  It was both so stressful (to keep Eliana awake & not feed her for 2+ … [Read More...]


Mia & Eliana Meet

 We had all these grand plans of what we were going to do to prepare Mia for the baby coming home (bring home Ellie's blanket from hospital, work on having her stay off baby blankets on floor, special first time home meeting) but they all went out the window. Mia has been great with her so far- … [Read More...]

August 2014 Instagram - 1

August 2014 Instagram

 Excited to start August- baby month! // Mia's first ride with the baby car seat & last ride in the 2nd row // Silly snuggles Sleepy Vizsla // So excited to learn how to control my P&S with my iPhone // Swimming yet more laps at the pool Mia's adorable paws // Healthy lunch // Can't … [Read More...]