Hospital Celebrations

 I’ve got hundreds of baby photos to share, so get ready for adorable overload (assuming I can get around to posting most days).  Although we hired a birth photographer, I don’t yet have those photos.  Hubby took a few (really awful) photos in the L&D, but otherwise we let the pro be in charge of photos for us.  These pictures are the first ones I took over her (with my phone) about 3.5 hours after she was born & we had just been transferred up to our room.  She was laying on my chest & looking so precious.

 Although our parents arrived at the hospital shortly after we did, they couldn’t hang through the entire night.  However, they were back up the hospital bright & early to see their grand baby.  You can just see the pride & joy in their faces!

 I’d brought a few outfits- both in newborn sizes and 0-3 month size.  The nurse initially said she wouldn’t fit in NB stuff & I was so sad thinking about all the cute clothes she wouldn’t be wearing.  However, you can see the 0-3 is pretty big on her & luckily she does fit into all the newborn size stuff.

 We had some lunch visitors & all our friends started arriving after work.  Since Mark & Pam are old pros with a baby, they were quickly giving hubby swaddling lessons & helping change her first dirty diaper.

Soon, Dad & Brenda showed up just as the Jacksons were arriving.  Drinks & cigars came out to keep the party rolling.

 Brenda was able to get the first Eliana smile, and the proud grandparents were busy snapping photos.

 The Jacksons are expecting their own bundle of joy about 5 weeks after our baby.  We are all so excited to be on this journey with them & can’t wait to meet their little boy.

 Since Ms. E was born early in the morning on Thursday, we were allowed to go home on Friday afternoon. Although the hospital was great, we were anxious to get home & get some actual rest (since I hadn’t slept well since Monday night).

 I’d bought this ridiculously cute outfit to bring her home in, but it was HUGE on her!  I had to roll up the sleeves on her sweater & the dress was longer than she was.  It was stinking cute either way, but probably a little excessive for a car ride.

We received many beautiful flowers from friends & family, so our cart was loaded up with our bags, her bags, snack bags, and floral arrangements.  She did great on her first car ride & we were all happy to be home relaxing and starting our life together.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Although crazy & stressful, we took our newborn photos this morning & they came out amazing- can’t wait to get the final shots & share them!

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