Eliana – 11 months

I can’t believe we’re at 11 months old & a year is just around the corner!  This month has been full of news things & we’re ready to take parenting to a whole new level now that we have a mobile baby that needs to be chased around the house.

Overall, she wasn’t too impressed with my entertainment this day & was more interested in playing with her dress.  Eliana loves chewing on her fingers, but thankfully has never really been into sucking her thumb.

She has really been into exploring everything in her room lately- pointing to it & wanting to look at it.  This week’s obsession was the framed photo we had from her birth- I’d point & tell her “Mommy” and “Daddy” and we’d touch & name all the animals on the ark frame.

Vitals: She weighed in at 23.6 lbs according to our bathroom scale. She certainly feels heavier than that if you have to carry her far.  Eliana is officially holding steady at 2 bottom teeth & beautiful blue eyes.  Her hair is getting longer, especially in the back with all those curls.

 Photo collage from Week 45

Highlights: Her 1st Father’s Day, her 1st Fourth of July(Including a pool party with friends) , weekend with daddy while I was in Philadelphia, the Kytle’s house warming party, Grandma’s birthday dinner at Bluewater, lots of time swimming in the pool, a visit from the Colorado family.

 Photo collage from Week 46

Doing: Eliana started clapping & of course smiling/laughing while doing it.  She also started doing an army crawl & got pretty good at it by the end of the month.  She still really only uses 1 arm & 1 leg, but I think she’ll figure out proper crawling soon enough.  She even got a blister on her foot & toe from crawling so much!  Ellie is also starting to pull up on objects, so we had to lower the crib.  Although she’s been waving for a while & is always saying “Ba ba”, she now knows to do both when it’s actually time to say good-bye.

 Photo collage from Week 47

Eating: She has slowed down a bit on the bottles & we’ve cut back her night bottle to only 6 oz.  It’s not unusual for her not to finish any/all of her bottles through out the day because she’s eating so much more food.  Her regular routine is bottle at wake-up, oatmeal/mush/cereal at school, a morning bottle around 10, some purees around noon, another bottle around 2, some solid snacks in the afternoon, and a 5th bottle at bedtime. She can eat just about any regular food as long as we cut it up small enough, but her favorite snacks are still peas, cheerios, goldfish, pretzel sticks, grapes, and peanut butter.

 Photo collage fromWeek 48

Wearing:  Right as she turned 11 months old, I swapped out all her 9 month size clothes for 12 months ones.  As usual, it was the pajamas that were getting too small first & she could probably have still worn quite a few of her regular onsies, but anything that had a waist or was fitted was getting tight across her big old belly.  It was just easier to switch out everything & take all new, bigger clothes with us to Mexico & pack up away all the smaller stuff.

  Photo collage from Week 49

Amanda Update: Welp, I’m certainly starting to feel pregnant as I quickly approach the end of my 2nd trimester. Eliana has been such an easy, happy baby & I feel like we’ve got such a great routine & schedule right now that I’m terrified of the chaos a newborn baby is going to bring.  I’m trying to cherish my time with Eliana as she’s grows up too fast & I’ll soon have my hands even more full as I chase her around & tend to baby #2. I’m slowing down on my working out & trying to come to grips with the fact that I never got back into my pre-pregnancy shape (or fitness level) before getting pregnant again.  I’m still in great shape, but it is nothing compared to how active/fit/flexible/healthy I was when I got pregnant with Eliana.  We’ve been insanely busy with work travel & all the insanity that comes with buying/selling/moving homes, so I’m really looking forward to totally chilling out in September & October as the weather gets cooler & we can settle into our new house.

Eliana – 1 month old    Eliana – 2 months old     Eliana – 3 months old   Eliana – 4 months old  Eliana – 5 months old   Eliana – 6 months old

Eliana – 7 months old   Eliana – 8 months old  Eliana – 9 months old  Eliana – 10 months old  Eliana – 11 months old  Eliana – 12 months old

 2015-07-08 15.34.37

She started out doing the army crawl with one arm & one leg- I was thinking by the end of the month, she’s figure out how to use the other arm & leg. However, as she hit 11 months she was still crawling like this & getting a blister on her toe!


This video was taken on 4th of July weekend- I love the two of them just hanging out, her expressions & mouth moving, reaching for the toy, sitting up & clapping.

Also the best video ever, Eliana & Mia play ball, was taken this month & it’s so adorable it’s getting its own post.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Suvived our first family adventure to Mexico & we’re closing our new house today!!!

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