Flashback: Labor Day

I’m surviving parenthood so far- been busy taking care of a beautiful newborn & going through 400+ photos we’ve taken in her first week of life.  Every day gets a little better & I’m slowly getting caught up on life, so hopefully I’ll be back to regular blogging, with tons of adorable newborn photos soon.

I had 10 minutes to spare & thought this would be perfect for #ThrowbackThursday, especially as we approach Labor Day weekend (I know it’s a different labor, but still…)  Mom has a photo taken of her in an Astro’s jersey on the day she went into labor with me 34 years ago.  She still had the jersey & wanted me to take a similar pic the day I went into labor.  I wished I’d had her pic handy & we’d have done better to re-create it.  But it’s still neat to see them side by side.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Our baby girl is a week old & my mom has been such a huge help- coming over almost everyday to work around our house.

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