DC Nationals Baseball Stadium

 To finish off our busy first day in DC, we headed to a 4PM Nationals game at their new stadium.

 Although hubby has been to their old stadium, I apparently didn’t blog about.  They have built several new stadiums around the country since he started his quest to visit them all, and we were excited to catch a game at the new park.

 It was a gorgeous day for a ball game & the park was really beautiful- including lots of great tributes to baseball legends.

 Of course, one of the most important things about any stadium is the food selection & DC had a great variety of things to eat, including lots of regional items like a crab-cake sandwich.

It was a great stadium to visit- the crowd was having a great time & the scoreboard was fun to watch.

 The stadium sits right on the river, and there are lots of interesting things to look at around the stadium.  It was fun how many of their games & entertainment featured political or historical things- like the president’s race around the bases.

The neighborhood around the park had a great bar that was fashioned after some containers, and there were many new buildings and residential construction that will make this a fun neighborhood in a few years.  Hubby insisted on driving across town to try a BBQ joint we’d read about & we quickly learned it’s foolish to leave Texas in search of a better brisket!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We’re celebrating hubby’s birthday by recovering from our fishing trip & a fish fry with friends.

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