Flashback: Wrigley Field

 As part of our cleaning out H’s office closet to transform it into the nursery, he rummaged through tons of his old things & came across photos from his very first baseball trip- to Chicago’s Wrigley Field.  He was very excited to find these & add them to his baseball album, which we will complete next year when we visit Toronto to see his final stadium on his quest to visit all 30 baseball stadiums.

Although we went to Chicago in October of 2009 to visit the White Sox baseball stadium, we stopped by Wrigley to take some photos but didn’t see a game there. I tried asking H when he visited Chicago with his friends & he has no idea- my best guess is 2005 or 2006.

 He went with one of his best friends Matt, and his other friend Mike has relatives in the city. I can’t believe how young the guys look here!

 This is the only photo we could find from inside Wrigley Field- I”m sure there were more in the set of photos, and maybe one day we will stumble across the negatives for this roll.

 Not sure what all they did on their Chicago trip, but looks like they made it to the top of Sears Tower to check out the skyline.

 It was so neat to find these old photos, especially since this trip & Wrigley Field were what started the obsession to visit all 30 MLB stadiums around the country.  It will be neat to finish up next year in Toronto- we’re hoping to take baby girl & have her visit her first stadium!

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Officially my last inspection for work today- something local, different, and with a cool client.

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