Week 19 – May 11

Eliana got all dressed up this week to head out to Mark’s graduation party & I snapped some adorable, happy photos.

Love those chubby arms & legs.  She’s been very interested in touching the blocks lately & it’s been a challenge to keep her from knocking them over.

I loved this shot of her big beautiful blue eyes & amazing eyelashes- so happy they are sticking around.

She’s been so expressive lately & making a ton of happy/drama faces that are constantly cracking us up.

She’s been so content to hang out on the floor by herself lately- just playing with her toys & rolling around.  Water bottles are always a hit.

As we were watching the Rocket’s play-off game, she was doing her sit & spin while waving a burp cloth- we joked it was her rally rag.

We had fun just watching her play & entertain herself- she’s really a happy kid.

She’s also getting good at going from sitting to tummy position- she’ll be crawling around (too) soon!

She still loves to kick her legs- sitting up or laying down, her legs are always beating on something.

We all went to church on Sunday & then I had a lunch date with Ellie while H went to the movies to watch Avengers.

We joined my parents on Sunday evening for burgers after the Rocket’s game.

During the week, H made it to a Rockets game with Matt & then they also went up to College Station on Thursday to watch Mark graduate.

Mark worked very hard the last 2 years to get his Master’s Degree & everybody was so proud of him.

It was a small celebration, but just perfect for all the friends to hang out & catch up with out to much insanity all around.

Eliana got to play quite a bit with Austin & she even tried her first piece of cake, UT burnt-orange to offset the A&M maroon.

These two are going to have so much fun- Eliana wasn’t too sure about his helmet at first, but they loved touching & talking to each other.

It was a great weekend- just enough relaxing & family time & time to catch up around the house.

I also did a bit of traveling again this week- another night in Birmingham & then a day trip to Baton Rouge/New Orleans.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: We’ve had a terrific time in Toronto & we’re off to see Niagara Falls today!

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