Eliana 6 7 & 8 Week Photos

 I’ve been pretty good so far (all 8 weeks) of taking weekly photos of Ms. E.  I’ve only missed on week (Week 5) b/c I couldn’t get the blocks to work out- just like week 7, but I decided to photoshop those.  It’s not easy timing these- you have to get her in a good mood, during the daylight, and when somebody is around to catch her & the blocks when she knocks them over.  I do love capturing all her adorable expressions- she’s got so many great ones.

 I”ll warn you that I got a big carried away with the Week 6 photos.  She was just sitting to pretty & so happy that I couldn’t stop snapping away.

 A big yawn and lots of derp faces, she’s always moving her mouth, eyes, and eyebrows to create silly faces.

 She gives me tons of what I call “Yoda faces” where she looks like a grumpy old man & she was just starting to play more with her tongue this week.

 The eyebrows kill me the most- when the raises them or furrows them, I crack up every time.

 It was around this week too that she seemed to be getting a lot longer- noticeably bigger in her carriers and swing.

We didn’t get too many of the Week 7 photos & I had to photoshop over the number on the other block, but there are some pretty hysterical faces.

 I caught her on a good day for Week 8 photos, albeit 2 days late & we initially had the 8 block upside down!

 Eliana’s eyes were really open & alert, watching me & H the whole time we were taking pictures.

One of my favorites of all time!

 I’ve really been struggling with editing all these photos- getting the skin tones and grays all the same and matching white balance, but I signed up for an editing lesson with a blogger I really admire & I can’t wait to get better at post-processing on all these so they look more similar.

I’m having tons of fun taking these so far- guess I’m in it for another 44 weeks! (plus our monthly photos!)  It’s already fun to look back to her first few weeks & see how much she’s already changed.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Got a busy, exciting week lined up & I can’t wait to dive in & make it to Sunday.

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